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Ashwagandha is a super herb mainly found in Asia and Africa. It is considered a very important herb in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, Ashwagandha is considered a rasayana that helps maintain homeostasis of the physical and mental aspects of the body. Ashwagandha is derived from the Sanskrit word for the smell of a horse because the herb has a similar odor to it. its botanical name is Withania somnifera.

The herb is used to relieve stress. Ashwagandha contains chemicals that help calm the brain, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and it helps build immunity. Ashwagandha is available in the form of tablets, powder and liquid. In this article we will talk about when to take Ashwagandha.

What is Ashwagandha?

Since ancient times, people have used the roots and fruit, the orange in color of Ashwagandha, for various medicinal purposes. Ashwagandha is a commonly used herb to relieve stress, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and improve the immune system. Ashwagandha is traditionally used to treat stress. It is used as an adaptogen. Adaptogens are used to relieve physical and mental stress that the body has to suffer. Some other conditions, such as insomnia, anxiety and aging are also being treated with ashwagandha.

Uses of Ashwagandha –

Ashwagandha has many proven health effects and benefits. Some of them include the following.

  1. reduce stress and anxietyAshwagandha is known to reduce stress in the body. It is also attributed to reduced activity of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis, which regulates the stress response.
  2. improve physical performanceAshwagandha helps improve physical performance in adults.
  3. reduce mental health conditionsAshwagandha is believed to reduce the symptoms of mental health conditions such as depression.
  4. Helps Improve Sleep: Ashwagandha is known to promote sleep, and some research also suggests that it helps treat certain sleep disorders. Some people find that ashwagandha positively affects sleep quality.
  5. reduces inflammationAshwagandha contains compounds that help reduce inflammation in the body.

Some other uses of Ashwagandha include lowering blood sugar levels in patients suffering from diabetes and reducing the symptoms of arthritis.

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When to take Ashwagandha?

Since it is an Ayurvedic medicine, you can take ashwagandha anytime during the day or night. However, one may prefer to consume it either in the morning or in the evening.

  • When is Ashwagandha taken in the morning:

Ashwagandha’s effects are brief; It sometimes takes weeks or months to see obvious changes. It generally depends on personal preference as to when to consume Ashwagandha pills.

If a person is supplementing with vitamins or other supplements in the diet, then adding Ashwagandha and taking it in the morning along with other supplements can have a good effect on the body. One downside of taking Ashwagandha in the morning on an empty stomach is that it can cause discomfort and uneasiness in the gastrointestinal tract. Hence, it would help if you take it after breakfast or some snacks.

  • When Ashwagandha is taken at night:

If a person is suffering from insomnia or other sleep related disorder then he can use Ashwagandha with milk before sleeping, which gives relief to the person. For people who have stomach problems after taking Ashwagandha, it is best to consume it at night and then consume it in the morning. It is important to choose a time period when you can consume Ashwagandha and take it consistently. Also, if you feel uncomfortable consuming it on an empty stomach, it is best to consume ashwagandha at night.

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Precautions to be taken while consuming Ashwagandha –

Generally, Ashwagandha is an Ayurvedic medicine and hence does not have any side effects. However, large doses of Ashwagandha can cause side effects such as abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhoea, etc. Therefore, it should be consumed in moderation and in controlled amounts. It is important to carefully read and follow the instructions printed on the label. If it is being used to treat a disease, a healthcare provider should be consulted before incorporating it into daily life. Pregnant women must consult a doctor before starting the consumption of Ashwagandha as it can cause stress to the fetus and induce premature labor. Another precaution that you should consider is choosing Ashwagandha from a well-known company as the manufacturers do not have any regulations to make Ayurvedic medicine.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) –

What are the health benefits of Ashwagandha?

Ashwagandha has many health benefits, including lowering blood pressure and glucose levels and improving sleep quality; It is also used to reduce the symptoms of mental issues such as depression and anxiety. It is also used to increase the overall strength of the body.

What are the side effects of having ashwagandha?

Since it is an Ayurvedic medicine, it has very limited side effects; However, high doses of ashwagandha have been shown to cause diarrhea and other gastrointestinal problems.

When to take Ashwagandha?

It depends from person to person; It is usually taken in the morning before breakfast or after dinner before going to bed at night.

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conclusion –

Ashwagandha is an important herb in Ayurveda that is present and grown in Asia and Africa and is known to have many different health benefits. It is also used to reduce stress and in cases of insomnia and other sleep related disorders. Ashwagandha is also used to treat mental issues such as anxiety and depression. When to take Ashwagandha is an important question in the minds of many people. The simple answer is that it depends on the convenience and choice of the people. The timing that people choose should be such that they can take the dosage continuously. Many people take ashwagandha in the morning and their other nutritional supplements, to aid in overall health. However, when they consume Ashwagandha on an empty stomach, they feel some discomfort in the stomach. Such people should take pills or powder after having breakfast or a little meal.

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